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An improvised college in NYC

FractalU offers in-person classes at low cost, to anyone in New York City. We're a community aspiring to learn, conduct research, and do great work together. Join as an instructor, a student, or both.

We look forward to collaborating with and learning from you.





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We want to democratize enjoyable lifelong education and public research culture by creating an easily replicable model for a community-driven university — and the economic, social, and creative opportunities that universities create. But really we are just in it for the love of learning and doing hard work alongside friends. We think good theory exists to serve good practice, so our programs prioritize practical skills first, with supplementary theory coming later.


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The Team

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**Fractal Collective, Volunteer Team**

Fractal is an assortment of writers, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, coders, and scientists. We launch pro-social projects in NYC and have fun doing it.


**Madhu Sriram, Founder**

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**Tyler Alterman, Founder**


**Priya Rose, Founder**


**Daniel Golliher, Founder**

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**Andrew Rose, Founder**

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**Alicia Botero, Humanities Dept**


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FractalU Summer Semester 2024

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