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Fractal University offers in-person classes at low cost, to anyone in New York City. We're a community aspiring to learn, conduct research, and do great work together. Join as an instructor, a student, or both.

We look forward to collaborating with and learning from you.

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Potential Spring ‘23 Offerings

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Body, Mind, World: A Joint Investigation: explore a wide variety of body-mind systems, from contact improv and clowning to vajrayana and tai chi

Building LLMs in Practice (Based on HuggingFace NLP): apply LLMs to practical, real-world problems; build an LLM that runs on your smartphone

Foundations of Computing: From NAND to Tetris: build a modern computer from circuits; no prerequisite knowledge required

Foundations of New York: a practical exploration of NYC governance designed to help you make a difference to the future of the city

**How to Live Near Your Friends**: a practical guide to building an in-person community with your friends and loved ones

Welcome to New York: How to Fall in Love with NYC: learn NYC history, culture, and how to find community & adventure; for people who are new to the city or haven’t found their niche yet


The Focus Residency: a 3-week container designed for creators to bring a singular focus to their projects

The Inklings: A Writers Workshop: Work alongside fellow fiction-writers to collaboratively shape one another’s stories for publication

Independent Research: Create your own research group and publish findings on our blog

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We want to democratize enjoyable lifelong education and public research culture by creating an easily replicable model for a community-driven university — and the economic, social, and creative opportunities that universities create. But really we are just in it for the love of learning and doing hard work with our friends. We think good theory exists to serve good practice, so our programs prioritize practical skills first, with supplementary theory coming later.

The Team

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Fractal Collective, Volunteer Team

Fractal is an assortment of writers, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, coders, and scientists. We launch pro-social projects in NYC and have fun doing it.


Madhu Sriram, Founder

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Tyler Alterman, Founder


Priya Rose, Founder


Daniel Golliher, Founder

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Andrew Rose, Founder

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Alicia Botero, Humanities Dept

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