(Pictured: Surrealist painter Leonor Fini. We love to see her in-studio intensity.)

🗓 Dates: July (2nd-23st)

🗺 Place: NYC

💰 Cost: Free (unless you want a room at Fractal)

📋 Apply: here

ℹ️ About

Focus is a year-long container designed for up to 5 creators to bring a singular focus to their projects. Maybe you have a novel to finish, but you never find the time. Maybe it’s a business to launch, a magazine to catalyze, a workshop to design. You don’t have to do it alone! The Focus residency will provide coworking space, accountability, and support from talented peers.

Note: Yes, the Focus residency is compatible with having a day job.


📆 Schedule

The schedule consists of two main weekly events:

🤝 Peer support: meet with four fellow residents to set goals for the week and ask for help on whatever is blocking you. (6pm on Wednesdays is a suggested time, but you can do this whenever is most convenient.)

👏 6pm Tuesdays, Demos: Show off progress, ask for support, and receive inspiration from other residents

There are also two single required events:

🚀 8pm Sunday, July 2nd, Kickoff: This is to hang out a bit, discuss our projects and have our first meetings with peer groups.

⭐️ 6pm Sunday July 23rd, Rough Drafts Expo: This is to build in accountability & showcase our work, finished or unfinished! We’ll invite friends & family.

Finally, we invite you to use Fractal’s coworking space (248 McKibbin St, Brooklyn) any day of the week. Sundays are encouraged (but not mandatory).

Here is the full schedule. (You’re welcome to click the “+” icon on the lower right to add it to your own calendar.)





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