A Workshop for Self-Authoring Educators

Do you teach at Fractal U or elsewhere? (And if not, do you want to?) In this workshop-style class, we'll practice teaching every week and give each other useful, empathetic feedback. The goal? 10X your teaching ability in 12 weeks.

🕰️  Schedule: Mondays, 6-9pm (tentatively!)

🗓  Duration: 12 classes from May 20 - Aug

(no class May 27th or June 10th)

🗺  Location: Fractal (248 McKibbin St, Brooklyn)

💰  Tuition: sliding scale $400 to $2000. Pick a price that will make you take this seriously!

👥  Enrollment: 10 student-teachers

📋  Admission: For teachers only! You don’t have to be employed as a teacher — to qualify: be committed, passionate, empathetic, curious, and imaginative! Apply Here

A Lab to Run Your Teaching Experiment

…and a peer group of educators to give you useful, empathetic feedback.

Can’t stand the thought of teaching in a traditional classroom? Maybe what worked for others in school didn’t work for you. Maybe the thing you wanna teach others just won’t transmit through typical formats like lecture. Maybe the thing you wanna teach has never been taught formally in a classroom before.

What if you had a room full of passionate educators willing to be your guinea pigs? What sort of teaching experiment would you run on us?

You could…

Library Teachers Wide Angle.jpeg

For each class session, one of you will take over as Guest Instructor. We’ll test out your thing for the first hour – then spend another hour exchanging feedback & doing group take-aways.

What parts worked? Which elements flopped? What would you have to change to make it scalable? What other practices or disciplines might benefit from your approach?

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